Other Tech Tool Directories

This site is not meant to provide an exhaustive list of technology tools. It is focused on tools that are known and used in the sector, which have a free version you can start using immediately in your work. There are many, many other tools out there, for varying purposes. Here is a list of a few other directories that have useful lists and categories relevant to immigrant and refugee-serving work.

Online Tools for Teaching & Learning site
This site was designed to help you identify online tools that you might use for teaching or learning. Each page includes a wealth of information about a specific tool (e.g., price, ease of use, description of the tool, innovative ways to use the tool for teaching and learning, how the tool fits with the SAMR model) to help you evaluate the tool and determine whether to use it in your practice.

AlphaPlus list of Useful Apps
AlphPlus presents comprehensive reviews that cover how the apps could be used for literacy and numeracy learning and to support engagement and motivation. They also include apps that are useful for program administration, note taking, productivity and collaborative work. Additionally useful from AlphaPlus:

AlphaPlus Web Index
A collection of links to resources relevant to adult basic education. It covers subjects such as digital literacy, the integration of technology in instruction and mobile learning.

Digital Unite’s Technology guides
400+ how-to guides covers a whole host of digital topics. Written by subject matter experts and updated regularly, the guides are perfect for supporting others with digital skills or improving your own knowledge. Now also includes a section of specially prepared Easy Read guides!

Formative Assessment Technology Tools Spreadsheet
Online instructional tools and techniques to formatively assess/check in with student understanding during a course or session.

Free (or Affordable!) Tools for Non-Profits
A simple list you can review and upvote, focused on nonprofits and fundraising.

Online Collaboration Tools
700+ tools hand-picked and organized in 40+ categories, by Robin Good.

Online Collaboration Tools
Open source tools for teaching and learning collaboratively in teams or groups, for teachers, students and schools.

Tools & functionality (Scottish Council for Voluntary Organisations)
“Digital tools are the apps and software that your users will access to engage with your online service delivery. This page provides an overview of some of the most commonly used tools in the charity sector. It aims to give concise practical guidance that you can then build on as you research for your own situation.”

Service recipes for charities (Catalyst UK)
Practical guides to help charities reuse and learn from one other’s services: “We’re helping charities to work together by sharing their knowledge around common services and practices that already exist and work. So far, we have 82 recipes contributed by 65 organisations.”