This site was developed as a proof of concept for the Canadian Immigrant and Refugee-serving Sector’s National Steering Committee on Technology (NSCT). The NSCT is responsible for adopting a shared and collaborative vision for a Strategic Plan and Road Map based on the recommendations stemming from the Technology Task Group and other key reports and consultation processes that occurred in the last two years. This plan aims to move the Sector towards digital transformation and hybrid service delivery that engages the sector and is responsive to the needs, priorities, abilities and circumstances of newcomers. 

The future home of this site will be developed and designed elsewhere (to be determined). The site here remains as an archive of free (and freemium) resources & tech tools that frontline workers can use in their service delivery work. The library organizes and classifies successful examples of technology and innovation in the settlement sector. 

The focus is on practical projects, and client-facing tools, resources, and toolkits frontline workers can use as they progress towards digital transformation and hybrid/blended service delivery.

This site is made up of:

  • practical tools that frontline workers can access where they haven’t had time to invest, and build internal staff capacity
  • Tools they can use easily
  • Predominantly free (or freemium tools)
  • Easily accessible by frontline workers
  • Can be applied to real world situations

Each tool will include information using this template:


Current known uses in the sector

Video overview


Ease of use & Accessibility

Mobile friendly

Privacy/security features, including data security and message encryption

Multilingual capabilities

Additional resources