Create Multimedia Such as Video, Edit Photos, Create Presentations/Flyers Slides and Presentations


Canva is an online graphic/image, video, and slideshow design tool.


Canva is an online graphic/image, video, and slideshow design tool you can use to create professional-looking posters, slideshows, images, event flyers, resumes, cards, certificates, infographics, and other media.

Current known uses in the sector

Video overview


A basic Canva account can be created by anyone for free. Canva Pro, with more options and access to functionality and resources (such as many more paid templates, images, etc.) is free for Nonprofits, with up to 10 Canva Pro users for free.

Service Context and activities

Canva can be used in Citizenship Preparation, Community Connections, Employment-related, Information and Orientation, Library Settlement Partnership, Settlement Workers in Schools as a tool to create visuals that help in your work.

Ease of use & Accessibility

Canva takes time to learn, but once mastered is easy and fairly intuitive to use. Make use of their tutorials, Design School, Design courses and other useful resources offered by Canva itself.

Mobile friendly

Canva has mobile apps you can use to create and edit your designs.

Privacy/security features (including data security and message encryption)

Canva has security features which can be reviewed here.

Multilingual capabilities

The Canva interface is in English by default. However you can change that in the Language Settings. If you have any issues with text you add to your design not showing up properly, you may have to modify your account’s language setting so it supports the font you’re using.

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