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Slido is an audience interaction online platform tool for
meetings big or small, workshops, classrooms, events
and conferences.


Slido is an audience interaction online platform tool for
meetings big or small, workshops, classrooms, events
and conferences.

Current known uses in the sector

  • Slido can be used to brainstorm a concept, as an icebreaker, to test knowledge on learning, to create conversations, facilitate a checklist, conduct a reflection, rate satisfaction of a session, etc.
  • Slido is used during webinars for participants to ask questions anonymously. Other participants can vote questions up so session facilitators can choose what is of interest to the group.
  • Slido offers a number of additional ways to use their tools in meetings, conferences, training, classes, and more.
  • Slido can be used in Citizenship Preparation, Community Connections, Employment-related, Information and Orientation, Library Settlement Partnership, Settlement Workers in Schools, Pre-Arrival to create engaging and interactive activities that can be used during live sessions to help inform, teach, and engage with Newcomers.

Video overview


Slido has a free version as well as various paid levels. The free version allows you to use 3 polls/event for up to 100 participants, with an Unlimited Audience Q&A feature.

Ease of use & Accessibility

Slido is easy to use for participants. They simply need a link provided, which can be done by copying the link into a chat box, or by sharing a QR code. is also easy to use for practitioners, once you have become oriented to the tool and how it can be used.

Slido can be integrated into other tools, such as Teams and Google Slides, or used as a standalone tool outside of presentations.

Mobile friendly

Slido is mobile friendly for participants, on any device, without having to download any apps.

Privacy/security features, including data security and message encryption

According to Slido “you can secure your event by adjusting its privacy settings. Basic events are visible in the search results and can be accessed by typing in the event code… You can hide your event code from the search suggestions. Only those participants who have the exact code will be able to access the event during the dates of the Slido event.”

They have a useful overview of their security standards and practices. Note: they “provide organisers of the paid versions of the Slido Services with additional tools & settings to enable their own users to protect their data.”

Multilingual capabilities

Slido is multilingual and offers 30+ languages to choose from.

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