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Microsoft Forms

Use Microsoft forms for intake, pre-workshop or program assessment, program, session, or event evaluation, and more.


You can use Microsoft Forms to create forms, surveys, and quizzes as well as to collaboratively edit and share the forms with other people. Use Microsoft forms for intake, pre-workshop or program assessment, program, session, or event evaluation, and more.

Forms is part of the Office 365 suite. Forms can be accessed directly from Teams so you can setup a Forms tab, add an existing form to gather responses, create a new form, show survey results, create notification from your form, collaborate on a form, or conduct a quick poll within a team. All these functions occur within Microsoft Teams. You can link your Microsoft Forms Survey or Quiz to an Excel Spreadsheet. You can also access Forms from a web browser.

Current known uses in the sector

  • Microsoft Forms can be used in Citizenship Preparation, Community Connections, Employment-related, Information and Orientation, Library Settlement Partnership, Settlement Workers in Schools as a tool to engage with Newcomers capture Newcomer feedback, ideas, insights, suggestions, comprehension, conduct pre- and post-session evaluations and assessments, etc.

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Forms is available to Microsoft 365 with Microsoft Teams for Nonprofits, as well as business and educational accounts. Microsoft have also made Forms available to anyone with a personal Microsoft Account.

Ease of use & Accessibility

Microsoft Forms is a easy way to prepare forms, survey, and quizzes, especially if integrated into your Office 365 suite.

Microsoft offers accessibility support for Forms.

Mobile friendly

Surveys and assessments created in Microsoft Forms are accessible on mobile devices.

Privacy/security features (including data security and message encryption)

Microsoft Forms is part of Office 365 which has robust data security settings. However, Microsoft 365 Business Premium (Nonprofit Staff Pricing) appears to have more advanced security features according to Microsoft.

Multilingual capabilities

You can access forms in multiply languages. To do this simply click “settings” then “multilingual and select “add additional language”, it will provide a drop-down secondary language you can select from.

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